• Introducing the PIVKey T800


    The PIVKey T800

    Certificate Based

    PKI Token

  • A PIV Token smaller than a Quarter

    The Power of

    a PIV Smart Card

    in a USB Token

    The size of

    a quarter

  • A PIV Token ideal for Mobile Applications



    Tablets and




Certificate Based USB Tokens and Smart Cards

PIVkey T800

PIVKey T800

Tiny USB Token, Ideal for Mobile applications and use with Laptops or Tablets.

PIVKey T600

PIVKey T600

Standard Size USB Token, well suited for both Desktop and Laptop users.

PIVKey T900

PIVKey C900 Series

Standard ISO Size Smart Card Series. Available in a variety of contact and contactless versions.

PIVKey is a standards-based solution that is
ideal for Enterprise Mobile Authentication


PIVKey Certificate Based PKI Tokens and Smart Cards are ideally suited for enterprise environments.

Plug and Play

Users can simply plug in a PIVKey and start working - no drivers or Middleware needed. That is because PIVKey supports the Windows standard in-box PIV Smart Card and USB Reader drivers.

Deploy with Windows

PIVKey is Windows Compatible: Issue Digital Certificates directly to PIVKey Devices using the Standard Windows CA Enrollment processes and tools. Or use any Windows compatible IDMs, such as Windows Forefront Identity Manager.

Digital Certificates

PIVKey enables you to securely store your digital certificates and associated cryptographic keys. Digital Certificates support PKI applications like logon to Windows, Signing, Encryption as well as remote logon using VPN, RDP or HTTPS..

PIV Compatible

PIVKey is compatible with the US PIV Smart Card Standard, part of the FIPS 201/HSPD-12 Federal Security initiative. PIVKey implements NIST SP 800-73 Part 3, the PIV Card Command Interface.  PIVKey is compatible with a wide variety of PIV applications and platforms.

Multi Platform

Through the use of the PIV interface PIVKey enables user support for applications on many many different platforms, including Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, VMware and Citrix.

High Security

All PIVKey devices are based on dedicated smart card security processors, designed to be physically and logically tamper resistant. PIVKey supports on-board key generation, cryptography, random number generation, and enforces PIN based two factor authentication.

Deploy PIVKey using your standard Microsoft Windows environment.
No specialized PIV Card Management Systems required.

Technical Specifications

PIVKey Specifications for T600, T800, C910, C920 and C980

PIVKey supports a wide variety of deployment scenarios
including central issuance and user self-enrollment.



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